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>IPL Live Streaming Video On Youtube Ropes In Big Sponsors


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Leading the line-up of Premium sponsors are Royal Challenger’s IPL team, HSBC India, and HP India. Among other top brands taking the sponsorship slots include Airtel, Coca Cola and Samsung.

Its a known fact that cricket attracts main stream brands but this kind of a live steaming of cricket on a platform as large as youtube is a first for sure and its a great sign to see big advertisers backing the initiative too. IPL is leaving no stone unturned to promote the live stream as well.

Ad Formats For Online Stream

The ad formats will be the usual i.e. pre-roll and mid-roll ads, YouTube homepage ads, and banner ads next to the live player and on video watch pages.

Semi Final & Final Spots Sold Separately

IPL spots on youtube have been sold in slots of normal matches and the semi final and final matches. For the final match Royal Challenger’s IPL team will take the spot light and HSBC India and HP India will cover the semi-finals. Ads from sponsors will appear in all countries where YouTube is available except the United Kingdom.

Integration with Orkut

Google has also launched an IPL branded Orkut community page which will also host team and player interviews, contests and match polls to engage fans and audiences. The sponsor ads will also get featured on the pages as well.

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>Follow IPL in Twitter and Youtube


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IPL Season 3 is streaming live in Youtube this year. The news broke out yesterday and all social media fans are happy about it. I just went to Youtube and searched for keyword IPL, to my surprise it has 8410 videos so far.

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IPL in Twitter

Indian Premier League on the Internet. Official Twitter Page. –
it has already acquired more than 15 hundred followers. The account is not verified, so I cannot actually claim it to be owned by the office. But the activity seems authentic.

Here’s the IPL 3 Promotional Video on You tube posted by the official source of the organizers.

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>Watch IPL 2010 for free on your mobile – Unlimited GPRS

>Get ready to catch all the action of IPL 2010 on your mobile phone. Indian Premier League (IPL) has entered into an agreement with Google India which provides Googe with exclusive online rights for IPL content for two years ( 2010 & 2011).

This is the first time Google is live streaming – a mega cricket tournament spanning 60 matches over 45 days- for a major global sport on YouTube. If you watch IPL on YouTube then you can enjoy special content, which includes match highlights, player interviews, wickets of the match, top sixes of the match, award ceremony, pitch reports, and much more, at any time convenient to you . Those who watch IPL matches, starting 12th March 2010, live on YouTube will also get a special treat – an exclusive “YouTube View” that will provide viewers with an alternative view of the match not available on television or any other media.

To watch IPL on your mobile you need :
GPRS enabled mobile phone (Unlimited GPRS preferable)
Mobile Browser which you use must support streaming of YouTube vidoes

If you have above two then you can catch all the IPL action on a dedicated IPL channel at

To check out IPL 2010 schedule click here

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